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Walter Longscott released his third album “A Strange Kind Of Thing”, created with 31 musicians from all over the world.  The songs are a mix of Rock, Folk and Blues.  With a melodic guitar that comes on top, carefully crafted, and influenced by laid back guitarists such as Mark Knopfler and J.J. Cale.


Not all things that came out of COVID-19 were bad.  When the Belgian musician Walter Longscott’s activities came to a halt during the pandemic he wanted to see if singer/songwriting could lead to something.  And it did, as he just released his new studio album titled “A Strange Kind Of Thing”, which is the third album in only three years.

While the first album still had a strong Americana influence, the third one has a more vintage character.  Influences all over the place, from JJ Cale over Knopfler to Pink Floyd and back.  And the songs are telling a story.  From the polarized society (“A Strange Kind Of Thing”) over alcoholism (“Life Slips Away”) to Covid (“Locked Away”).  And to close the album with a pure country song (“You make me glow”).

It all starts with an acoustic guitar, but not less than 31 top-notch musicians worked together to transform the songs in an album.  Subtle arrangements with a signature guitar sound, something to enjoy while drinking a good glass of wine, or why not, a Belgian beer !



A Strange Kind Of Thing (2022) : 15 songs, 45 minutes

A Strange Kind Of Thing
The Speed Of Truth
Six Ways To Sunday

Previous albums :

Writing On The Wall (2020)
The Story Of A Lonesome Man (2022)

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