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A Silly Love Song” features a lovely finger picked guitar style amidst a wholesome rich lead vocal delivery and subtle percussion. The vibe is uplifting.The piano smooth. Lots to love and a great listen.

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Being a longtime musician, Walter Longscott released his first album “Writing on the Wall” created with more than 22 musicians from all over the world. The songs are a mix of Rock, Folk and Blues. With one constant, his subtle use of the guitar, influenced by laid back guitarists like Mark Knopfler and JJ Cale.


Walter Longscott is a Belgian musician that has been playing music for more than 30 years, mostly in various cover bands.  As due to covid-19 all live music was cancelled, he decided to give online collaboration with musicians a try, which turned out to be an extraordinary adventure that resulted in the album “Writing on the Wall”.

Walter Longscott’s work will not fit in one genre .  Songs are influenced by rock, folk and blues.  With one constant, his subtle use of the guitar, influenced by laid back guitarist such as Mark Knopfler and JJ Cale.

Songs need to have a good story.  Ranging from an over-the-top love song (“A Silly Love Song”) to a warning against Social Media (“Writing on the wall”).  Or questioning whether Bob Dylan was finally right in the 60s  (“Times they are a-changing”), and to write the one song that all men can relate to (“Ask my wife”).

Don’t look for a wall of sound in the album “Writing on the wall”, but don’t be fooled by it’s apparent simplicity either.  Not less than 22 musicians have contributed to the album, with probably even more instruments used in the songs.  Something to enjoy while drinking a good glass of wine… or a Belgian beer of course !



Writing on the Wall : 10 songs, 36 minutes

Writing on the Wall
A Silly Love Song
Looking for you

Full album : Writing on the wall

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