What started as a little experiment turned out to be a fantastic adventure with musicians from all over the world. A big thank you to all musicians for spending their precious time to make my songs shine !

The Story Of A Lonesome Man

Particpating musicians : RedHotAddy, JazzCrime, Moe Howard, Mo Jonez, Brian Henry, Mario Licante, Gustavo Basualdo, Mike Riley, Mark Murtha, Jim Bryan, Pascal Lopez, Eddie Blower, John Mancuso, Natan Mills, Frederik Osuch, RedSheep, Chuck Kluesner, Murielle Bara, Alex Bellaire, Pierre Ernould, SonicAdventure, Raven, Herman, Derek Barlas

Artwork : Walter Longscott

Mixing/Mastering : Martin Merenyi

Writing On The Wall

Participating musicians : Alberto Manuzzi, Ian J. Smith, JazzCrime, Aksu, Cpl_Crapper, SonicAdventure, RedHotAddy, Raven, Eduardo Crocamo, Graham Exton, Jose Maturell, Jason Peter, Guiliano Vangelista, Boggy, Lisoph, Pat Waldorf, Frederic Osuch, Jan Kopcak, Anton Klinkt, Chuck Kluesner, Milt Barney

Artwork : Annemie Lecossois

Mixing/Mastering : Palle Svensson / Walter Longscott