What started as a little experiment turned out to be a fantastic adventure with musicians from the UK, US, Finland, France, Germany, Panama, Bahamas, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

I would like to thank the following musicians for their invaluable contribution : Alberto Manuzzi, Ian J. Smith, JazzCrime, Aksu, Cpl_Crapper, SonicAdventure, RedHotAddy, Raven, Eduardo Crocamo, Graham Exton, Jose Maturell, Jason Peter, Guiliano Vangelista, Boggy, Lisoph, Pat Waldorf, Frederic Osuch, Jan Kopcak, Anton Klinkt, Chuck Kluesner, Milt Barney

Artwork : Annemie Lecossois

Mixing/Mastering : Palle Svensson / Walter Longscott